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Welcome to BNI Aspire Hull

Being a member of BNI Aspire will probably be the most powerful strategy that you will ever adopt to generate new business for yourself or your company. It is a highly prized membership to have and we hope that you will treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Every member of the BNI Aspire Hull enters into a business undertaking and every member belongs for one primary reason – to generate new business for themselves or their company – and new members are encouraged to join and share in the benefits on offer.

If you want to gain new business, learn the skills that can help you become effective at business presentations, as well as learning the key to effective networking, then BNI is for you.


The Aspire Chapter operates on the BNI philosophy of “Givers Gain” which simply means that if you give me business, then I will want to give you business. It is this approach that has helped BNI generate millions of pounds of new business through members’ personal recommendations of local companies.


Being a BNI member enables you to access increased marketing opportunities by raising your business profile. Other added benefits shared by our members include:

  • Boosting your reputation by gathering new leads
  • Expanding your markets
  • Creating mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Having access to a whole host of different services


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits available to all members that are part of a thriving group is to have a team of business professionals available to give you assistance and support when you need it.

Aspire is one of the most successful groups of BNI. Our members are sincerely committed to helping one another through networking. We are a team.


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Welcome to Paula and Mike

Welcome to Paula and Mike

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